Welcome to the official Gallardo Labs blog! We’re thrilled you’re here. So what exactly is a digital, creative, and technology partner? Allow us to tell you all about it.

Gallardo Labs has been in the business of helping brands discover their true potential for over 15 years (and loving every minute!).

But we thought it was time to kick off our own digital space to share what inspires us, what we’re working on, and which industry trends and best practices all brands can benefit from.

Subject Matter Experts

To start things off, we asked Nicole Gallardo, Partner and Chief Creative Officer of Gallardo Labs, to give us some insight as to why this digital partner began in the first place.

Almost anyone can set up an agency (and you’ll find plenty out there). But starting a digital agency (or partner, as we prefer to call ourselves) that exists purely digitally is a whole different thing that requires faith in the team that makes the proverbial magic happen.

So, this is the story of how it all began. And, more importantly, how it continues to thrive.

Why did you choose to start a creative strategy, design, and technology partner?

“Prior to building the team here at Gallardo Labs, I had spent several years on both client and agency sides. I found myself empathizing with both types of organizations and inherently identifying some major pain points and huge areas of opportunity related to the creative process from each perspective.

“Because of the constantly evolving digital landscape, companies have to be more responsive, nimble, and innovative than ever.  Internal marketing teams naturally struggle with this. Usually, organizations outgrow the size of their creative team, have trouble finding talent in their corporate HQ location, or need a temporary initiative handled (like a redesign or rebrand) outside of the internal team’s important day-to-day tasks.”

“I recognized that most big agencies who market themselves as digital, are not actually built to support the digital process. Instead of being dynamic, lean, and efficient as companies need, they are instead filled with layers of unnecessary team members, archaic documentation processes, and tons of overhead spent on trying to keep everyone organized, motivated and focused during business hours.”

What Motivated You to Get Started?

“Nobody seemed to raise their hand about how unacceptable and problematic this process had become, and I couldn’t help but see the solution right in front of me. I needed to create a digital agency, built for a digital world.”

“I recognized that most big agencies who market themselves as digital, are not actually built to support the digital process.”

“So, I started. I made a list of all the MVPs I’d gotten the pleasure to work with throughout different stages in my career and imagined an environment where we all worked together. It’s kind of like a fantasy sports league. Who would I want on my team? And I went from there.”

What Are Some of Your Key Pillars?

“I established some ground rules. We would be a digital agency that:

a. Redefines the relationship between internal client and creative teams to achieve maximum satisfaction and efficiency on both sides (we call it #Creativefficient)

b. Radically fuels the creative process (and I’m not referring to ping pong tables or espresso machines)

c. Uses technology to support collaboration and a healthy work-life balance

“Yes, it can be done! More on this topic in a future post!”

And that’s exactly what makes Gallardo Labs shine. Leaders like Nicole that believe there’s a better way to do things and a team that wholeheartedly agrees. 

So, now that you know the “why,” let’s get into the “what” and “who” of it all. What makes Gallardo Labs different? And who, exactly, makes it work? Learn more in our next article.

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