One of the things we take the most pride in at Gallardo Labs is the talent and diversity of our team. As a truly digital agency, we exist in the digital space, which allows us to work with the best talent across the globe — literally.

From Miami to Los Angeles, Chicago to Bogota, and even Jordan, there’s a team member there, ready to create something you’ve never seen before. As they’re often shedding the proverbial spotlight on whichever product or brand they’re lending their talents to, we thought it was only appropriate to return the favor.

In this series, you’ll meet the people who make Gallardo Labs the digital branding agency we’re proud to call our virtual home.

Today’s spotlight falls on Reid Uhrich, a Creative Director living in Los Angeles.

Meet Reid Uhrich

Reid Uhrich - Creative Director - Gallardo Labs Digital AgencyName & Occupation: Reid Uhrich, Creative Director

Geographic Location: Los Angeles, CA

Why do you choose to work at a digital agency? I choose to work at a digital agency because we get the opportunity to enhance people’s experiences with brands and their products. Today’s world passes through digital corridors every day, and I feel uniquely privileged to design journeys that not only facilitate engagement but also elevate a user’s quality of life.

What makes Gallardo Labs different? GL is different for a number of reasons. Chiefly – the quality of the team. Not only are they supremely talented, but are some of the most genuine humans I have worked with. No egos here. It’s all about collective effort. This unique blend of talent and togetherness creates some incredible work. Every. Damn. Day. It should be noted that we achieve this culture and success while all working remote. Which I personally love because it provides the flexibility and work/life balance I need to be my best self. Balanced life = better creative! Added client bonus of a fully remote team: we cover timezones from LA, to Miami, to Amman, Jordan, so there is always someone “in the office”. 🙂

“Gallardo Labs is different for a number of reasons. Chiefly – the quality of the team. Not only are they supremely talented, but are some of the most genuine humans I have worked with.”

– Reid Uhrich, Creative Director

Project you’re most proud of? A few that we have in the works at GL of course! But hush-hush till it’s launch time (duh!). Until I can speak on those, I have to say the project I am most proud of currently is one I completed for an independent documentary called Home Truth. To say this was a passion project is an understatement. The filmmaker’s nuanced storytelling of a victim’s journey compelled me to be a part of this project, and the human rights it advocates for. As Creative Consultant, I developed the marketing campaign, key art, collateral, and website for its film festival tour and premiere on PBS. It’s currently streaming on Go check it out!

More About Reid

With more than 10 years experience, Reid has worked as an Art Director and Creative Director for an array of world-class brands. His past projects have spanned a diverse clientele with integrated campaigns/digital experiences for the likes of Victorinox, Cole Haan, Pfiezer, Merck and Rolling Stone. This expansive career path has given Reid a unique perspective that lends itself to Gallardo Labs’ client base and their creative expressions – one that ultimately achieves business goals with style and personality.

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