One of the things we take the most pride in at Gallardo Labs is the talent and diversity of our team. As a truly digital agency, we exist in the digital space, which allows us to work with the best talent across the globe — literally.

From Miami to Los Angeles, Chicago to Bogota, and even Jordan, there’s a team member there, ready to create something you’ve never seen before. As they’re often shedding the proverbial spotlight on whichever product or brand they’re lending their talents to, we thought it was only appropriate to return the favor.

In this series, you’ll meet the people who make Gallardo Labs the digital branding agency we’re proud to call our virtual home.

Today’s spotlight falls on me, Alicia Palma, a Content Marketing Strategist & Sr. Copywriter living in Miami, FL.

Meet Alicia Palma

Gallardo Labs - Alicia Palma - Content MarketingName & Occupation: Alicia, Content Marketing Strategist & Sr. Copywriter

Geographic Location: Miami, FL (Born & Raised)

Digital Space: @alicia.palma

Why do you choose to work at a digital agency? We live our lives in a digital space, so it’s a natural draw to want to work as part of a digital agency. Plus, as a mom and creative professional, flexibility is key in being able to enjoy a fulfilling career life. If inspiration strikes at 11:00 p.m., as its wont to do, I can follow that muse and make my time count.

What makes Gallardo Labs different? Definitely the people. Everyone at Gallardo Labs is an expert in their respective fields. But each team member is also incredibly talented beyond the scope of any title they hold. When you combine that with passion and a genuine desire to deliver the best work, you get an unstoppable creative force.

“Everyone at Gallardo Labs is an expert in their respective fields. But each team member is also incredibly talented beyond the scope of any title they hold.”

-Alicia Palma, Content Strategist

Favorite type of project to work on? As a blogger and copywriter, I’m passionate about words and making sure they’re delivering the message as intended to the audience that’s receiving them. One of my favorite recent projects was creating a glossary of terms for a team that’s about to go to market with a really exciting tech solution. Being able to help craft their terminology was really fulfilling. Beyond that, my friend and author Nikki Novo wrote an Amazon bestseller and gave me the honor of editing and proofreading the manuscript before it hit the proverbial shelves; if there’s grammar involved, sign me up!

More About Alicia

Alicia is a Content Marketing professional with over 10 years of corporate and agency experience. Specializing in blogs, website content, and organic SEO, Alicia has worked with brands such as MasterCard, Norwegian Cruise Line,, GE MyTech, and KEMET Electronics Corporation.

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