At a time when most of our lives are lived in a digital space, there seems to be an overabundance of digital marketing served up to us across a plethora of personal devices. This means there also seems to be an overabundance of digital agencies offering up their services to individuals and influencers, large and small businesses alike. So what, then, makes our digital agency any different? Who is Gallardo Labs and why does our team stand out? Our Chief Creative Officer Nicole Gallardo offers her perspective.

What makes Gallardo Labs different?

“I think our Content Strategist, Alicia, summed it up perfectly for me one day while we were discussing this topic. She said, “We are a digital agency that is actually digital.” It couldn’t be truer. We use today’s technology, tools, and applications to raise the global standard of client relationships, agility, and level of expertise.

“But that’s just the beginning. Gallardo Labs is dynamic and responsive, meaning we can easily integrate into an existing in-house team and provide support for a project. Or, we can take full ownership and lead an idea from inception to implementation. Above all, we respect the creative process and set aside our egos to work seamlessly and deliver measurable and tangible results.

“We all work remotely and are not tied to specific cities when working with clients or growing our team. This means that we are fluid and diverse enough to partner with a company anywhere on the globe and we only hire the best talent, worldwide – location is irrelevant. We work with our various time zones and not against them. The fact that we operate around the clock means that we are technically always open. And yet, each one of us can have the career-life balance that is necessary to deliver our best.

“I’m a mother of 3 and I like to be very involved with my family. My creative brain turns on usually from 6am – 8am, 1pm – 6pm, and then again from 8pm -12am. I need complete silence to focus and I come up with some of my best ideas while I’m walking outside. I personally had always struggled with trying to confine my ‘creativity’ into a 9-5 cubicle.”


How does the team work?

“It was my top priority to create a team that was foundationally built on trust, ownership, teamwork, freedom, and responsibility. This means that we each have complete flexibility (outside of meetings of course), to get our work done when and where we are most creative. It has proven us to be a tremendous success.

“Not every creative can work in this type of environment. It takes 10X more time management, communication, and organizational skills. But because we’ve spent a great amount of time hand-picking each and every team member that fits these qualities, our clients can feel assured that, besides being experts in our field, we also possess these unexpected qualities they usually struggle to find at typical agencies.”

We’re pretty proud of our team. Want to get to know them? Of course, you do! Read all about the Gallardo Labs team right here.

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