Here’s to the dads, the ones that taught us to ride bikes and take chances. The ones who tucked us in at night and held our hands when we weren’t feeling well. Most of all, here’s to the dads that loved us unconditionally and encouraged us through every failure and misstep that led to our successes and strengths. This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating all the wonderful dads out there and showing off the incredible dads at Gallardo Labs who are graciously sharing their wisdom on fatherhood. Here’s to you, gents. Happy Father’s Day!


Name & Occupation:Reid Uhrich, Creative Director

Father of…Desmond

What did you want to be when you were a kid?“Map Drawer” is what 5-year-old me told my mom. I was obsessed with maps and drawing as a child. Still am, actually! And so began my career in art & design. 🙂

How do you balance fatherhood and career? Since I’ve become a parent, I’ve realized that the most valuable thing in the world is time. And efficient management of it is soooo crucial to balancing career and family life. Luckily my partner and I have relatively flexible schedules, so this helps us work as a team and give each other space to work/create, while not sacrificing our quality time together. Also – daycare! 🙂

What does a typical day look like? (Is there even such a thing as a typical day?)A typical day starts at around 6am. We get him fed, then have a bit of play time before my partner takes him to daycare. After that, there is no typical day! As the work schedule/home errands ebb and flow, so too does the course of the day. However the middle of the day goes, it always ends with some fun playtime or a walk around the neighborhood in the evening, before getting him tucked in for bed. We are fortunate he is an amazing sleeper (knock on wood this maintains!), so once he is down my partner and I make dinner and catch up with each other.  Repeat daily for best for best results.

Any advice for new dads trying to figure this out? I can only speak from my experience, but what has helped me is: Embrace the unknown. Parenting is full of variables, and it forces you to make thoughtful decisions quickly and often. Don’t freak out about it and just buy in. This head-first approach has really helped me a lot and made my parenting experience so enjoyable. It ultimately makes you a more effective/efficient person and gives you skills and life hacks that can apply to the job you get paid for as well. Hope that helps!


Name & Occupation: Tony – Photographer

Father of…Lucy

What did you want to be when you were a kid? A cartoon artist. I loved cartoons and comics as a kid. My favorites were Garfield, B.C, Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbs, The Far Side… I’m forgetting one. My favorite day of the school week was library day. My friends and I would race to get to the comic books section to have first pick of the collection.

How do you balance fatherhood and career? I do my best to make the best of the time we have when we’re all together. Go to the park, go for a walk, play with water guns in the yard, go out for pizza. It’s the little things that will become her childhood when she looks back.

What does a typical day look like? (Is there even such a thing as a typical day?) Wake up. Get everyone ready and out the door. School/work. Come back home tired but cook/order dinner and try to talk about our days. Try to squeeze in something fun before it’s bedtime and time to start it all over again. Weekends are easier. Wake up, pick up pastelitos or McDonalds breakfast, enjoy the morning together.

Any advice for new dads trying to figure this out? The best advice I’ve ever heard: Being a dad is like shaving – no matter how well you did it today you have to do it again tomorrow.

Ok, one more from my own bank of knowledge: Breathe in every moment – even the ones that don’t feel fun. They’ll spread their wings and fly away before you have a chance to notice.


Name & Occupation: Adalberto Gallardo, Partner, Chief Technology Officer

Father of…Zayden, Andres, and Alana

What did you want to be when you were a kid? A software engineer or a marine biologist

How do you balance fatherhood and career? Not losing focus on what is really important in life. Kids grow and they will eventually leave to make their own life, so every single moment that I spend with them is too valuable to miss. Hard work, career, finances, etc. are important, not just for me but also for my family, but helping my kids to grow has precedence.

What does a typical day look like? (Is there even such a thing as a typical day?) I wake up at 4:45 AM and get ready for the day. Most likely, the two youngest will also wake up, so I make them breakfast — this usually means pouring cereal ;). I drive to the office for a full day of work and sometimes my wife and I manage to squeeze in lunch together. In the evenings, I cook dinner if it’s my turn and one of us picks up the kids from aftercare. We always try to have dinner as a family before homework, TV, and getting them ready for bed. We put them to sleep and then spend time together ourselves before we also call it a night. Weekends vary from house projects, gatherings with family/friends, overflowed work, and the treasured lazy days spent doing nothing.

Any advice for new dads trying to figure this out? Each family is different, each work is different, and each kid is different. Just let the love that you feel for your children inform your decisions and you will be fine.

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