When we think of the word “technology” we think of our future, progressive thinking, innovation, and improving the status quo. Now let’s think of who is driving that technology. What do you see? Even though the first modern computer coders were women, chances are you pictured a man.

The tough reality we face today is that 75% of all jobs in computing and math are held by men. Shockingly, this statistic has not changed since 2007. So what is it like for the women who make up that other 25%? What are their struggles and what drives their dedicated love for the male-dominated industry? And most importantly, how do they think they can effect change?

While the number of people entering the tech industry has increased substantially over the years, the female:male ration remains the same.

In Part 1 of this 4 part series, we speak to our leaders within Gallardo Labs to hear what they have to say about being a woman in technology today. They’ve shared tips, memories, inspirations, and insights in order to join forces with the #womenintech movement and support other fierce females in their own personal journey towards gender equality in tech.

Here is what these three ladies had to say when we asked the question, “What’s it really like to be a woman in tech?”

“A lot like parenting. There are often quite a few ‘teachable moments’ where you have to assert your authority and years of experience. There have been moments where men with less experience have done the professional equivalent of patting me on the head for completing a basic task, and that kind of behavior still surprises me. Sometimes I’ll call them out. Sometimes I’ll let my work speak for itself. I’m hoping that by the time my daughter is entering the workforce in her desired profession, gender won’t matter in the slightest.” ~Alicia, Content Marketing

“I’ve been lucky to have worked with some pretty badass women in tech, so as far as I am concerned it’s pretty empowering. There are still a few setbacks in the industry, one being that not enough women go into it. But within recent years, I’ve seen so many girls show interest in the field. I am more than certain that by the time my daughter Jude is old enough, we will be dominating and doing it better than ever.” ~ Nura, Art Director

“I have learned that for a woman in tech to be the best she can be, she has to be at the right company that actually cares about what she has to say. After working at a major world company for most of my career, it was here at Gallardo Labs and with Nicole that I have realized how much knowledge I have acquired over the years and how little of it was taken into consideration before. It is very empowering to be in the right place.” ~ Sonia, Director of Visual Design

Some say we have come a long way regarding women’s rights and gender equality, but we still have a very long way to go; especially within tech. It’s important for our future generation of boys and girls to know that they have the opportunity and responsibility to change the scene. And it starts with the right mentorship, encouragement, and support from people already in the industry like us.

Interested in effecting change for women in technology? Here are some simple ways to get started.

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