As October winds down and the year starts to warm up to holidays and the promise of fresh starts in 2020, we at Gallardo Labs still have our eyes focused on making a big impact in 2019 at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Detroit, Michigan.

In just a few days, our team will join the 10,000+ attendees who make up the “best young leaders, founders and creators for a life-changing four days of connecting, learning, teaching, and building.” (via Forbes) As a self-made agency comprised of a global team of creative professionals, being able to attend and showcase at this event is an honor for our company.

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Gallardo Labs has over 15 years of experience in moving brands forward. But it hasn’t been a swift and easy road to success. Like many entrepreneurs, our Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Nicole Gallardo, knows what it’s like to grow and define a business, taking the good with the bad. Attending a professional summit for entrepreneurs in Detroit feels like a moment of synergy with the city that has become renowned for its resilience.

“What drew me to starting this business was years of industry experience and insight combined with pure motherly instincts; I knew what the industry needed.”

– Nicole Gallardo, Partner & Chief Creative Officer – Gallardo Labs

Much like the Motor City, the team at Gallardo Labs has been intent on revolutionizing the way our industry does things. We’re the first digital experience partner that actually exists digitally and is built for the digital age. We use technology in radical ways to maximize value for our partners and creativity for our internal team.

Few agencies today remain outside of a holding company, and these giant agencies are failing to adapt to meet the evolving needs of CMOs today. We strive to not just meet but exceed them.

#wearegallardolabs - We use strategy, storytelling, design, and critical thinking to build compelling digital experiences.

Striving to make this the norm for our company has taken the kind of thinking that requires not falling on the comfort of the status quo. But that kind of persistence and perseverance has brought us to this moment of being able to share our voice and talents with other professionals we admire in a city that has shown everyone in the country how to grab on to your identity in the throes of whatever storm may come your way. 

In fact, the Under 30 Summit is a full-circle moment for Nicole, who was born just 30 minutes north of the Masonic Temple and whose grandfather worked on the design team for GM for his entire professional career. Nicole’s father even set off the 4th of July fireworks on a barge in the Detroit River every year, so her roots run deep. Returning to the city for an entrepreneurial summit couldn’t be more personal for the proud Detroit native.

 Detroit Bird Mural
Detroit Bird Mural | Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Nicole — much like Detroit — has design and innovation in her blood and has made that one of the tenets of Gallardo Labs. As she prepares to lead our team at this incredible event, we’ve asked her to share some thoughts about what she has in store for the Summit.

Aside from exploring the exciting culture and innovative vibes that make Detroit the unique city it is, why are you attending the Forbes Under 30 Summit?

“Gallardo Labs is attending the Forbes Under 30 Summit in hopes of networking and partnering up with like-minded leaders, innovators, and industry disrupters who are interested in building a better tomorrow for generations to come.

“We want to connect with people and brands that we believe in, educate them on the value of digital experiences, and see how we can help them discover their true potential.

“We want Detroit to get to know us and love us. We want the people at the Forbes U30 Summit to remember us by the experience we create for them. We have a very fun and enlightening activity planned for business owners and leaders who stop by to say hello and we are giving away some beautiful swag that attendees will definitely keep for years to come.”

What do you want people to know about Gallardo Labs?

“At Gallardo Labs, our culture is based on leaving your ego at the door and doing exceptional work. We promote subject-matter growth, ownership, and collaboration, while also providing the flexibility of a remote work lifestyle. Our team lives and works all around the world, which brings diversity, opinions, and culture that is hugely beneficial to the agency as a whole.

“Above all, each member of our team feels respected and depended on for the necessary role they play in our unique creative process. I think our remote team environment naturally allows people to feel more love for their work because they have balance, and that ultimately shows in our work.”

Gallardo Labs | Momentum Shifter
Attendees who stop by our booth can take a short quiz to learn more about their company’s personality type.

What are you most looking forward to about this event?

“We really can’t wait to share our story with everyone at the Summit and Detroit is the exact right place to do it. I read an article on CNN last year that said, ‘Entrepreneurship is in Detroit’s DNA.’ First with the automobile industry, then with Motown music, and now with innovation and technology. I believe this couldn’t be truer and we want to support it.

“We built Gallardo Labs to help progressive companies like those attending this summit succeed, and it only made sense that we chose the combination of Forbes and Detroit to put our company and story out there for the first time.

“We also want to have fun. Lots of it! We’re planning to give people who visit our booth a memorable experience to take away with them.”

We are Gallardo Labs

Who are you most excited to meet at the Forbes Under 30 Summit?

“Incredible things can happen when you have the right people together. The right creative chemistry can quite literally change the world. Our team is really looking forward to meeting like-minded brands and decision-makers, like Ryan Chen, Co-Founder of  Neuro, the company that’s making nootropic energy gum and mints; Alex Lieberman, CEO of  Morning Brew, the daily newsletter that covers the latest news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley; Jeff Cripe, Founder and CEO of Cargo, which helps users maximize their rideshare earnings and tips; Cameron Dearsley, Head of Design for Drop, a really innovative rewards system for the things you purchase the most; and so many others – people who are excited to see how their brands can grow.”

Are you attending the Forbes Under 30 Summit? We’d love to meet you! Stop by our booth and say hello! Follow us on social media to see what we’re up to @gallardolabs and #wearegallardolabs.

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