Being a woman in an industry where most creative directors and leadership roles are filled by men is a challenging thought, but it shouldn’t be a reason to believe that we aren’t an essential key to creative and technical success. Our talents cross disciplines and break boundaries with every initiative at hand. We don’t need to prove to anyone what we are capable of. Our insight, intellect, and creativity are as prominent as ever and we consistently demonstrate each by our hard work and unique skills.

We have a voice!

As a UX Designer, I have always been surrounded by fierce and fearless women that seize opportunities and adhere to the rigor with passion and joy for every project they take on. These women are able to go toe-to-toe with tough-minded business leaders and put their personalities into their work. Discipline and dedication are what it takes to turn a client’s desires into reality. My role models have helped me grow a lot in this industry as a woman and as a designer, fighting for my ideas with dedication and putting emotion into each project I do.

I’ve learned that if you are not feeling heard, don’t let yourself down. Instead, let it be fuel to empower yourself and show the best of you.

There is nothing to be afraid of. Don’t take anything personal. This is a hard business and everyone just wants the best.

It is during the most difficult moments when every apparent defeat can be more fuel to success. Push yourself and show to the world what you are capable of. These are the kind of moments that help you to grow personally and as a professional. Find the good in each situation.


Another thing that has helped me to grow as a woman in tech is the hunger to search and the ability to be always curious about new trends, software, magazines, photography, art, places, etc. A lifestyle surrounded by design helps a lot to fill the mind with new ideas that will always help in future projects somehow. It is by creating a puzzle, mood-board or images in your mind that can evolve into something new – improving your skills or re-using that idea in a different way.

Curiosity is a vital part of a designer’s life. Look around!


UX Teamwork

We are not alone. Women and men have shown how successful they can be as a team. Putting more collaborative effort into a project generates more power than working alone. Everyone has their own set of skills and I think we can be very well appreciated in every role or position we get into, regardless of gender.

We can reach where our minds set us to go. This means that as empowered women in tech if we set a goal, there are no boundaries or obstacles that can stop us. Our passion, knowledge, diversity, and inspirational attitude can take us wherever we want to be.

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