What originated as a journey of self, evolved to encompass so much more. I know that we are in April, but given the state of the world, I think it’s safe to say that this is needed NOW, more than ever. So I asked the team to reflect–meditate, take pause and listen to their hearts, and then when they were ready, to share their word, just one, for this year.

Here are our responses:


Through decisions made, roads traveled, and life’s ups and downs – I have finally realized (much later than preferred) that I really have no control over anything outside of my own mind. This is a harsh realization for a perfectionist like me. Instead of trying to perfect the uncontrollable, I’ve been making a conscious effort to shift the lens in which I view it. If I can control how I perceive things, I am directly influencing what emotions I feel, how I react, and what actions I take next. My word for 2020 is perspective because, in my life, everything is truly what I make of it.


My word for this year is adjustment. I made some big decisions and changes in my life in January that I was just starting to get used to and then mother earth decided she wasn’t happy. I normally defer to what she needs more than my own, so I can sympathize, but I’m still affected. Trying to go with the flow of the current shift in the world and how it will play out in the longer term, just makes me wonder how much adjustment I will go through in 2020. 


My word is green. This is a really important word for me, especially these days when the world is changing so much. We are starting to see the environmental consequences of our daily actions. I encourage people to take it seriously, small steps make the world of a  difference and can also make you feel better about ourself; and can heal Mother Nature which surrounds us. I have discovered that this kind of lifestyle is not all that hard. It’s about making the switch and thinking of your body as a sanctuary.

How can you make a positive impact on the environment? Here are some of my ideas!

• Buy non-plastic products, those feel unnecessary, bring your own bags.

• There are shops where you can refill your groceries. Collect and reuse the containers you have at home and get less waste.

• Use non-plastic wraps for keeping your food in the fridge. There are fabric ones that you can replace those with.

• Get chemical-free products to clean your house! Vinegar and essential oils are great alternatives.

• Support local: more natural, fresh and conscious products.



My word for this year is focus. There are many definitions of this word, but the one that rings true to me is this– to adapt and see things clearly. This year for me is a time to concentrate, redirect my attention, organize my priorities in life and focus on achieving those goals.


My word is change or pivot (before it became trendy). This past March, before the world as we knew it flipped inside out, I gave a speech to a room full of students about what it was like to make career changes “like a pro.” It was while writing this speech, that I realized how well I adapt to change… I knew that 2020 was going to be an adjustment to a new norm at my house– I have a three-year-old and at the time, one on the way. But after delivering Camila, I found that not only had my personal world changed but everything that I once knew to be true was no more. And that my kids were now faced with growing up in a world that’s completely different from the one I had dreamt up for them. So this year, my word is definitely change, and all that it encompasses: the good, the scary and my ongoing, personal relationship with it, as I adjust to the new normal. 


My word is time. I need more of it, it’s extremely valuable, and I’m doing all that I can to maximize what I got.


Patience, my word is patience. Because it’s what I’ve had to tap into the most to get through these past few months. Especially with a two-year-old along for the ride. And since it was always one of my shortcomings, I’ve had to channel all my strength into not thinking ahead and not losing hope and just being … patient.


My word is growth. 2020 for me is all about growth, both personally and professionally. Growth in my career that I have spent so many years building so that I can finally sit back and say that I am happy. I am happy with what I am doing, where I am, who I work with, the work I accomplish and the people I influence to be better. Growth, personally like leaving behind my immature behavior, my “I don’t care attitude” and my procrastinating self. I am stepping up to the 2020 plate and promoting growth for me, growth for you, growth for our nation, and growth for our world!


My word this year is evolve. This year is a breaking point in time and history. It is the opportunity to change and evolve as individuals and as a society, to respect Earth, the special place we call home, and to grow as a community. I truly believe that 2020 is our breaking point. 

And finally, mine is faith.  

Faith in myself, my team, my community, and our collective humanity. Faith that God has a plan for us, that Mother Nature is finally healing, and that the Universe is rebuilding. Faith that together, we humans, can do hard things. That we can create beautiful things when we come together as one; that together we will get through this. 

Now, I invite you to do the same. 

Find a quiet place, get comfortable and close your eyes. Once you’ve settled in, let yourself sink in deeply. Sit in silence and think of what word feels true to you. Found it? Write it down and if you’re open to it, come share it with us on Instagram.

Posted by:Lore Zeledon