Protecting Mother Nature comes naturally to our Pachamama Earth Warrior & Senior Product Designer, Karo Muñoz. For those of us who know and love her, we get that the Earth not only grounds her but also keeps her at her most creative. So for someone who spends her days dreaming of the beach, counting down the minutes to being outdoors and taking her pup, Dante to the park, this year’s #EarthDay celebration is going to prove to be a bit more challenging. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Nothing, and we mean nothing, will stand in Karo’s way from doing her best to save the planet and give Mother Nature some extra TLC this year.

This week, we sat down with her to get the full 411 on how we could celebrate all things #EarthDay2020 from home.

How do we give back from home?

Quarantine makes it difficult for all of us to give back in the most meaningful way, BUT there are some things you can do right now that’ll definitely help. Here are some tips.

Earth-friendly fridge

Kick Plastic to the Curb

Picking up groceries? Bring your own bags. 

Collect and reuse containers to refill nuts, all the kinds of butter, honey and more. Just make sure to double-check that it’s okay with your local shop.

Use fabric or bee wax wraps instead of plastic ones to keep your food fresh and free of any chemicals and/or synthetics. 

Reusable jars

Go Chemical-Free

Clean your house with vinegar and essential oils! 

Awesome tip, given everything, is pretty much sold out right now. 

Get creative 

Reuse lovingly worn clothes or simply wear sustainable pieces. 

Replace your feminine products with a reusable, safe, and clean menstrual cup. Made of silicon, it’s a great way to rid your body of chemicals and plastics. Plus, think of all the things you can buy with all that cash you’ll save! 😉 Cha-ching!

Shampoos, conditioners, and soaps now come in eco-friendly solid bars. Talk about zero-waste. 

Have fun with it.

Use wrappers, boxes, and other materials lying around the house to create fun DIY projects with your kids.

Reusable plastic

Support Local

Shop at your local farmer’s markets. They always offer the freshest selection of organic and fresh produce. I even found organic toothpaste and a wooden toothbrush once (a great alternative to plastic). Refillable products like honey, shampoo, grains, and homemade soaps are also readily available.

Organic market

What else can we do?

You can make some noise. For example, this year, we are going to make a big deal out of #EarthDay on our social media accounts (follow us at @gallardolabs)–think posts, tweets, stories, and more. We’re encouraging our team and now YOU, to virtually get out there and talk about the importance of going green. 

We are already seeing the environmental consequences of our daily actions on a global scale. We need to take action to resolve this issue. There is no Planet B. 

How about celebrating, really celebrating…any ideas?

Yes! Go outside and immerse yourself in nature — go for a walk, read a book outside, soak up some sun, or just take a second to just appreciate the sunset. 
Share your love for everything that Mother Earth has given you by reposting your favorite nature trips, sunsets, hikes, etc. (tune in to our story on Instagram for our favorite pics!)

Beautiful Africa

Quarantine has given me the time to pause and notice the smallest of details, like flowers on my walking path or roots growing on a rock. How amazing! 

Share what you love about her. I promise she’ll appreciate it.

Earth Day 2020 is not canceled. With these tips, you can celebrate anywhere from your doorstep to your couch. 

At the end of the day, we just hope (and pray) that you’ll help Karo and the rest of our team, work together towards creating a better world for our future and that of generations to come. 

Earth is in our hands
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